Year: 2009
Lenght: 70’
Production: INTHELFILM


Four African friends: a writer, a trade unionist, a musician, a cultural mediator, all in Italy for over thirty years, are fighting for the rights of immigrants in the country, but also to make their culture known to Italians. It was in the early seventies when Teodoro, Steve, Martin and Justin arrived in Rome, sent by families or governments to study in Italy and prepare to become the ruling class of their countries. In Italy they live friendship, love, political struggles and decide to stay. They play football, set up a band, then each takes his way, they get married, some with Italian women, they buy a house, they have children, but they still do not have Italian citizenship. Over the years they have changed their name: from students to vu cumprà, from non-immigrants to immigrants. The laws change in a repressive sense and from the Martelli law we arrive at the current security package that widens the distance between Italian citizens and immigrants.


Awards and Recognitions

Foggia Film Festival 2011 – Menzione Speciale della Giuria
Sole Luna Festival 2010 – Premio Speciale della Giuria
Premio Libero Bizzarri 2010 – DOC Film Festival – Premio Miglior suono Italia Doc e Premio Miglior Interprete di Se Stesso Italia Documentari
Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica di Venezia – in concorso Sezione Orizonti
Popoli e Religioni – Umbria International Film Festival: Premio Miglior Documentario

Il colore delle parole (2009) 70min | Documentary | 3 September 2009 (Italy) Summary: An exploration of the conditions and experiences of immigrants to Italy.
Countries: ItalyLanguages: Italian, French