INTHELFILM is a production company whose projects range from feature film and TV programmes to documentaries and commercials even if, in the past years, the company’s focus is on the production of feature films for cinema and TV characterized by a European and international appeal.
Its projects have always been socially orientated, technically innovative, with original cinematographic language and a unique blend of attention to quality and broad public appeal.

Thanks to its constant presence at the major international festivals and co-production meetings, INTHELFILM has consolidated and reinforced its partnership with many foreign financers, production and distribution companies. In a few years, INTHELFILM has expanded its business beyond Italy and Europe and its productions have been awarded by critics and public all over the world. The last documentary produced by INTHELFILM, “Il colore delle parole” by Marco Puccioni, has been presented in competition at the 66° Mostra Internazionale del Cinema di Venezia.

The feature film “Riparo” (2007) by Marco Puccioni starring the international star Maria De Medeiros, is a French co-production supported by EURIMAGES which was the acclaimed selected Italian film for the Panorama section of the 57th Berlinale. After participating in more than 50 international film festivals, “Riparo” was sold in the U.S.A., France, Spain and other several European countries and released in Italian cinemas on January 2008.

On 2010 INTHELFILM has completed the executive production of “L’estate di Martino” by Massimo Natale with Treat Williams, and the short film “Linea Nigra” by Anna Gigante with Ivan Franek, presented in Controcampo Italiano at the 67° Mostra Internazionale del Cinema di Venezia. In the 2012, INTHELFILM produced “Prima di tutto” by Marco Simon Puccioni, a documentary about homoparental family, which received a special mention to the “Nastri d’argento Doc 2016”.

In 2013 INTHELFILM has produced “Come il Vento”, by Marco Simon Puccioni, with Valeria Golino, Filippo Timi and Francesco Scianna, supported by EURIMAGES and presented out of competition in the official selection at the last Festival Internazionale del film di Roma, where it was received enthusiastically by the public and by national and international critics. The film has been released in France on June the 18th 2014 by Bodega.

In 2015 INTHELFILM had produced “Il Traduttore” by Massimo Natale with Claudia Gerini, released in May 2016.

In 2016 INTHELFILM had produced “Sex cowboys” the first work of Adriano Giotti, which won as Best Film at the Rome Independent Film Festival and “A pugni chiusi”, a documentary directed by Pierpaolo De Sanctis with Lou Castel, who won as “The protagonist of the year” to the “Nastri d’argento Doc 2017”.

Sold out for the opening night of  ‘The Cage’
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Sold out for the opening night of ‘The Cage’
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